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With advances in science, new effective options for weight loss have expanded. Our objective is to provide you with a safe, FDA-approved, sustainable solution to help you overcome your struggles and the health complications that obesity entails.

For individuals in the elevated BMI (body mass index) range, it has been shown that each 5-kilogram increase in BMI is associated with a significant increase in mortality from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Simply put, you can prevent this.

Why Slim Down MD?

Oftentimes, lifestyle changes alone are not sufficient because of how your body works at a chemical level, especially with the constraints of fad diets and busy schedules. You have been down that road. With the use of FDA approved solution and a tailored plan based on your health assessment and a 10-minute virtual meeting, our team of physicians will help you lose the weight and keep it off.

You can finally honor that promise that you made to yourself…the promise to watch your children grow, to walk down the aisle with your partner, to be there for your aging parents, or to simply fit into your old favorite pair of skinny jeans. Time is the most valuable commodity on earth. Don’t let your weight stand in the way of a better future.

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Experienced Physician Founding Team

Dr. Nguyen is an ER physician from Kansas and completed his training in Michigan. He is passionate about weight loss and strives to help those who struggle with this aspect of their life.
Dr. Tran grew up in Colorado and completed his training in Detroit, Michigan. He is a PCP who enjoys outdoor activities that promote healthier living.

Dr. Thong is from Seattle, Washington and is a practicing internist. He loves connecting with patients as individuals and is constantly engaged in the social community he serves.

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