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Who Found A Better Way.

After years of watching their patients, family, and friends struggle with fad diets and over-exercising, our founding doctors decided it was time for a change. Slim Down MD is committed to your healthy and sustainable weight loss. Our number one priority is helping you reach and maintain a healthier weight and improve the overall quality of your life.

We believe that all challenges are easier to overcome when you have the right team working with you and this is especially true for lifestyle changes. That is why you can get started with our services and support from anywhere at any time, on your own terms. Meet with our doctors directly with no driving to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, or trips to the pharmacy.

Meet Our Founding Team

Dr. Dinh Tran

Co-Founder / CEO

Primary Care Physician, Seattle.

Dr. Tran grew up in Colorado and completed his medical residency training in an impoverished area of Detroit. During his training, he developed great empathy for patients who desperately needed medical attention, but lacked the means to pay for it. Dr. Tran is fully dedicated to broadening access to quality care.

Dr. Bob Thong

Co-Founder / COO

Medical Internist, Seattle. 

Dr. Thong completed his residency in Oregon and is passionate about serving patients on the largest possible scale. Frustrated with the finite impact of a brick-and-mortar medical setting, he has focused his energy on developing a digital solution to fuse technology with quality care to reach more people seeking help.

Dr. Mike Nguyen

Co-Founder / CFO

Emergency Medicine Physician, Kansas. 

Dr. Nguyen received his training in Michigan and had extensive experience catering to the needs of an underserved community. His vision is to improve medical access to all corners of the country and does so with unwavering commitment.  His past experience through a weight loss journey further cements his vision.  


Promoting A Healthier Lifestyle

You may have heard that knowledge is power. Actually, the application of knowledge is what leads to power. With that in mind, we give you the actionable information and steps you need to achieve and sustain a healthy weight throughout your lifetime.

Raising Money And Awareness

We are firm believers in our obligation to support not only the health-related needs of our patients, but those of others facing significant hardships both in our local communities and around the world. In keeping with this philosophy, we proudly donate a portion of our profits to a variety of charitable causes including homelessness, hunger and global clean water supply.


A Slimmer You Awaits

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