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We provide easy and convenient physician assessment for FDA-approved weight loss solution via a digital interface.  All can be done from the comfort of your own home to jumpstart your journey with no trips to medical clinics or pharmacy needed.

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Weight loss medications effectively counteract physiologic responses to your lifestyle changes. In particular, one option helps curb your cravings and/or addictive behavior in relation to food consumption, so you may achieve and sustain long-term weight loss.   Based on three separate studies, patients who added this option to lifestyle changes lost two to four times more weight compared to traditional method of exercise and diet alone.   

Another option works on your GI tract to reduce the absorption of fat.  Based on a 52-week trial study, patients achieved nearly 10% body weight loss and two times more than that of traditional measures. 

The agents can lead to 2-4X more weight loss, compared to exercise and diet alone, based on extensive research trials. The medications are designed to help sustain your weight loss long-term.  

Diet fads may help individuals achieve temporary weight loss but the feeling of cravings can prevent majority of individuals from sticking with their diet and maintain their results.  With Slim Down MD, your weight loss plans help to not only ACHIEVE but also MAINTAIN your results, so you may live a healthier, fuller life.

With the flexibility of multiple weight loss plans tailored individually to help you reach your weight loss goals, Slim Down MD also provides a round-the-clock support line to ensure you meet the milestones on this journey we travel together.  We’ve got your back so you can have the peace of mind to focus on what matters most:  your long-term weight loss success.  

The interval follow-ups are designed to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed based on weight loss metrics and tolerability.  It also gives us the opportunity to review any questions, concerns and breakthrough updates in our service to help you succeed and stay that way. 

Weight loss medications complement your lifestyle changes to help you achieve long-term weight loss, which otherwise would not be possible for many with diet and exercise alone.   A study trial spanning over 4 years has shown that these benefits continue to persist compared to traditional approach.

For only $75, you receive exclusive access to Slim Down MD network of physicians and comprehensive services to help you conquer your weight and enjoy healthier living.  

Medication cost is pleasantly affordable and equivalent to less than the rate cost of one cup of Starbucks coffee per day.   If you have Express Scripts or Cigna, cost may even be lower!

We do not accept any insurance plans for our consultations at the present time.

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